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The Truth of Valor, by Tanya Huff 
Fifth in the Confederation series. My main problem with this book is that I just don't care about Craig, Torin's love interest. I'm so bored by him! And his role in this book is the biggest it's been so far, since this book is about Torin having left behind her military career to join Craig as a civilian salvage operator. SIGH.

This book also mostly takes a break from the series plot-arc (the series arc shows up in the last page of the book and that's basically it) which also makes it feel more boring, since it doesn't feel like the stuff they're doing in this book has any larger relevance. Especially since what's happening in this book is Torin rescuing a kidnapped Craig. WHY BOTHER. LEAVE CRAIG BEHIND. WHO CARES ABOUT CRAIG.

At any rate, the bits of the book that are all about Torin being her Toriny self are still great, so that was enough to still make me mostly enjoy the book at least.

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