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A Fan's Playground
Winter, or lack thereof 
8th-Mar-2017 09:24 pm [me: my life]
You know, it's very disheartening as a person who genuinely loves winter to live in an environment where it feels like everyone complains about winter weather, and everyone is pleased when there's unseasonably warm weather.

This winter and last winter were both...distressingly full of unseasonably warm weather. The snow hardly stayed on the ground. There's been more freezing rain than I think I've seen in my whole life before. I've barely worn my heavy winter coat. This February was literally the warmest February ever on record in my region.

People around me are all "wow what warm weather we've been having, this is great!" and meanwhile I'm just like I WANT SNOW DAMMIT. I do not live far enough south for this to be acceptable!

(Now that it's March it's getting more acceptable, but...still! I can't appreciate spring if it doesn't have a proper winter to lead out from!)

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