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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up The Marvel Universe, by Ryan North, illustrated by Erica Hende 
A fun Squirrel Girl story in the usual style for this creative team. I love the continuing fact of Doreen's interest in solving problems by talking them through when possible, instead of assuming that violence always fixes everything the way a lot of comics heroes do. And Doreen and her friends are just charming and great.

(Also is it just me or is Koi Boi totally wearing a binder in that scene where we see the team all in their underwear?)

And of course the premise of this book - Doreen clone gone rogue who beats up the entire Marvel universe! - is a lot of fun. And even that is done in Squirrel Girl style: the clone, Allene, is not actually evil, just very misguided in her priorities, and in the end she gets to go create her squirrel utopia elsewhere that doesn't involve taking down humanity.

Ryan North's sense of humour as an author continues to just be totally in line with mine and it's GREAT, his writing in this series is so funny! And I love Erica Henderson's art too, it really works for me.

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