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George, by Alex Gino 
A really charming middle-grade novel about a trans girl who wants to play Charlotte in the school play about Charlotte's Web and is told she can't because she's a boy. I'm going to call the main character Melissa in this review, because that's her chosen name, even though for most of the book she goes by her birth name of George.

I'm very happy that the book ends on a positive note, unlike way too many queer books for the YA crowd. Melissa gets to be Charlotte for one of the performances of the school play (through subterfuge that's facilitated by her best friend Kelly, and also the principal keeps the teacher from interfering), and she gets to go on an outing with her friend where she's dressed and presenting as her gender, and her mom agrees to take her to a therapist for the beginning stages of working towards transition.

Kelly is super supportive throughout the book, Melissa's older brother is mildly clueless but accepting, and though her mom starts in a place of unwillingness to accept/acknowledge what's going on, she eventually gets better about things. And the principal has a safe space sign up in her office and makes a point of telling Melissa she's welcome to come talk to her!

It manages to just be such a NICE book without sweeping difficulties under the rug, and it made me very happy. I'm so glad it exists for young queer kids out there to be reading.

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